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We are BigCat 

The story of us

Starting from a group of young people who are passionate about content making since 2015, we have grown from a group specializing in producing video clips uploaded to YouTube into a professional content production company that meets many requirements. different from digital to OTT, music MV,...
We own a system of social channels with a total following of tens of millions, and thousands of content.

Big Cat is a content producer for the digital platform with many video series with millions of views.

Our channels

12.8 Millions

Subscribers on YouTube

190 Millions

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Followers on TikTok

Featured series

Featured series

Big Cat is the production behind Ghiền Mì Gõ, La La School, SUN SEA, VCL Channel.
We proudly produced many series that get million views on digital video platform like: Ê Nhỏ Lớp Trưởng (3 Seasons), Lan Quế Phường (5 Seasons), Sugar Baby (3 seasons), La La School: Đại Chiến Underground, Trại Hè Âm Nhạc, Đường đua idol Thế hệ Z, Biệt đội bánh bèo (3 seasons),... and many more.

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